The Hart family hail from “Gods country” south of Sydney.  With heaps of kids, cousins and grandkids, even the smallest family event is a production! 


With a background in coffee roasting (@leftright&thebird) and launching award winning cafes, starting up a BBQ truck business is the next step in the journey.


“Get in the Q” is a double entendre; as well as lining up for good BBQ, it’s a term used to describe being so certain and confident you’re onto a good thing, that you line up to collect your winnings before the race! 


The Truck 

“Bronson” is a beautifully restored, rare, 1952 GMC maple leaf truck.  Salvaged from a paddock in Geelong, Bronson used to work as a farm truck, carting bales of wool to Melbourne, but now enjoys retirement smoking meat on the weekends! The old boy still runs (slowy!) like a dream, which is just fine by us.  Real low and slow BBQ is what we do, with Australia’s largest, custom built, reverse flow radar hill smoker on the back tray.